Project Goals

Create a brand identity reminiscent of retro automotive design, balancing professional modernity with friendly nostalgia.

Brand Design

Retro Design

Looking back on vintage automotive advertising to emulate the feeling of metal garage signs, brush stroke typefaces, and fresh candy coated paint.

Friendly Shapes

Classically, the auto detailing profession has always been your local garage, or small shops. This tradition is carried through broad chunky shapes and confident lines, exuding a sense of trust and family. 

Marketing Materials


Branded items created to establish awareness, and build reputation. Business cards, stationary, shirts and other wearables.


The nature of mobile detailing required a creative signage solution. Something portable and durable, that can be packed with information. Inspired by menu boards, we landed on a Signicade A frame. 

Website Design

Digital Presence

Quickly built an online reputation through website development. Connecting accounts across every platform including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor.

Online Booking

Implemented and launched an online booking system that communicates email reminders and coordinates appointments, considering employee hours and business holidays.

Brand Integrity

Ensured brand translation to the digital space, building off of established Baker's branding materials. Using brand colors, fonts, and motifs.

Post-site Launch

Google Interaction

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Increase in Site Clicks
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Increase in Calls
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Increase in Interactions