Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Project Goal

"Create a brand strategy and identity revolving around a music and arts festival celebrating the human experience."


Notable History

In my research I heavily explored festival history and origins, beginning as far back as Ancient Greece. Tracking festival history through the years, I noted how the approach changed over time. The ’70s were an integral time in popularizing music festivals in particular, especially with Woodstock.

Competitive Analysis

Zoning in on 4 of the most popular events in North America, I arranged competitors with their respective traits into a matrix, where we can begin to see what traits each festival has in common, and what areas there may be a hole in the market that humanity can fill. 



Much of Humanity’s visual style is inspired by design trends of the 70s. Many consider the design in this era a stylistic travesty, which some of it was. However, it was the fearless spirit that Humanity wanted to capture. Everything was experimental, revolving around bright super graphics, custom type, and wacky patterns. 



The bright orange colors selected for this brand are intended to bring a sense of friendly warmth, reflecting fiery passion, golden summer sun, and laughter with friends.


After exploring sketches, I settled on a customized version of the groovy typeface Synthemesc. Subheaders use alternate typeface Quicksand, better optimized for small-scale readability.


Each letter is tweaked to fit together tightly, like people in a crowd. That feeling of close community is carried through the hugging letterforms of the wordmark.


The organic forms bring a sense of movement, balancing super graphic style retro lines seen in other areas of the brand.

Final Deliverables

Promotional Material

One of the marketing strategies of the Humanity festival is to send out a promotional package to early bird ticket buyers, a fun box that gets them hyped about the festival— spreading the word about the upcoming event to their friends and posting online. As a thank you to those who supported us right from the start, the care package contains limited edition graphic poster prints, stickers, an exclusive shirt, and a record vinyl from Humanity’s musical exhibit, Essence of Music. Of course, it will also have a handy RFID wristband for event admission.


This project has changed the way in which I view design research and share it with clients. The position of a brand within a space is important for design, but it’s also a valuable tool in telling a story. So although I had never designed for this type of event until now, I can confidently understand the associated cultures by sinking myself into the research— enabling me to connect with the right audience for every type of project.